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Part 13: 1920-1925: Lost and Confused

1920-1925: Lost and Confused
Locomotion Soundtrack - Sandy Track Blues

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Scrooge starts by creating a new tram system to raise the Papatoetoe local board's opinion of us.

Continuing the theme of Bilingual tram puns?

Another major bottleneck is reduced.

Our coal pickup is expanded at mercer to allow multiple trains.

The truck stations at Tuakau are further refined to allow trucks to queue on the other side of the railway.

Scrooge starts putting extra services on the the raw coal and iron routes. THis is the first.

Although our trains have been delivering a profit, the amount of raw materials arriving barely makes a blip on the radar. Steel is only produced when we get both iron and coall in the same month.

The biggest junction on the line is further rationalized after a train is seem waiting at a signal for itself to clear the line

Burgundy Transport, devoid of their own ideas, further shits up the landscape with this copycat monstrosity carrying iron ore from Waiheke Island to Mangere.

Manukau City is large enough to accept goods, so Scrooge creates a road route to deliver the tiny amount of goods we currently produce. The one level rule makes it tough to find a decent place for a tunnel portal.

A quick ferry route connects Weymouth and Karaka on opposite sides of an estuary.

By this stage there is a constant stream of deteriorating vehicles that need replacing. Hopefully future vehicles will be more reliable.

Our rating in Papatoetoe finally lifts off the ground!

Another raw materials train is named after upstanding local scrap merchant Mr. Eugene Hitler.

On impulse, Scrooge sticks in this tiny little setup to make a local delivery in the centre of the South Auckland traffic. To everyone's surprise, it works first time!

A Bus service is tacked on one end to handle passengers turning up at the rail station. It will also prevent Burgundy Transport from tearing up the roads in the area.

Plans are made to double track our largest branch line, the Hunua line.

Steel production is slowly ramping up.

We also discover our steel man is completely useless. So little steel is being made that it misses out on pickup, so the train is made smaller and told to wait for a full load.

I can't remember what happened here, it was just a fortuitous screenshot.

Somehow, the bronze horse escaped, and exposed some design flaws in our little grain line. The train in the station was waiting for the train approaching the station to clear because both approaches to the station were in the seme signal sector.

Since the grain train is providing a steady flow of food, we are able to supply the shops and offices in Manukau and Manurewa.

The Manukau station is proving very popular and another tram helps with the demand.

On refit, the Auckland - Hunua train is tweaked to provide a faster passenger train using one of our newest locomotives - the humble 'Jinty' tank engine. Although it isn't very powrful, it's high top speed will improve service on our longest line, but it's also compact enough to fit into the short sectors near Auckland central.

Burgundy Transport is obsessed with Bridges

The new steel setup is more sucessful.

Have I mentioned that Pukekohe is now huge?!

With the success of the food deliveries to Manukau and Manurewa, we can deliver mail between the two as well.

And finally, the ratings in Papatoetoe have risen high enough to allow us to double track most of the rest of the line.

Notable in finance: Trucks have been making a loss, Trains bring in the most cash, and Trams have the best ROI.

And now it's time for the News!

Evelyn Eggburt has been busy.

Burgundy Transport beats us to flight!

New Plane!

Unfortunately the accounting department has bad news.

Burgundy Transport is kicking our arse

At least what we carry has diversified a great deal in the last few years.