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Part 14: Interlude: 'Jinty' Tank Engine (Paul.Power)

Sources: Wikipedia, G-Man

Fowler 3F "Jinty"
Company: London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), and later British Railways (BR)
Designer: Henry Fowler
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0T
First produced: 1924 (but based on earlier Midland designs, also known as Jinties sometimes)
Total built: 422
Total preserved: 10

A simple, proven design for all of the LMS's unglamorous jobs - shunting, piloting, banking, local freight and passenger work, the Jinty was straightforward, easy to maintain and well-liked by crews. It was initially considered for use as Britain's standard shunting engine for World War 2, and eight of them would eventually find themselves enlisted into the War Department and sent off to France, but that role instead would go to Hunslet's Austerity design. Nevertheless, the Jinties lasted well into BR days, although eventually they were all sent for scrap by 1967.

As previously discussed in the thread, the Jinty (also known as the "Chippie" in the scenario editor expansion) is famous in Transport Tycoon circles for being the first and cheapest (and cutest ) train available in the original Transport Tycoon (Transport Tycoon Deluxe, with its 1950 start date, had the GWR's Collett Pannier Tank/"Kirby Paul Tank" in the same role - the pannier tank also featured in the original TT as well, mind). Using Jinties to deliberately run back and forth over competitors' road routes and explode their cars is an old trick (then again, in original TT, so was bulldozing competitor's roads by building level crossings on them to "claim" full control of the land...).