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Part 15: 1925-1929: Flying High and Stooping Low

Psychotic Weasel posted:

There are many, many mods available for this game - which is usually great, but because there is a hard limit of 224 vehicles...
That's likely due to the no .exe editing limitation that Atari announced. Most modders tend to obey it. The big North American Loco pack is pretty great. I wish I had seen that aircraft pack before I started, I would have liked to get some less known aircraft, but I'm not going to risk corrupting my save to add any now.

Decoy Badger posted:

...would you have ever bothered with the trunk-and-branch model?

PsyWeasel's description above is how I did things too. One thing I never quite did was a giant circuit with 3 or four lines with all the industry branches coming off of it. These days when I play I usually build several separate networks that hold trains of similar sorts, e.g a line that gathers all the iron and steel from one side of the map and feeds it to a steel mill on the other side, and then carts the goods to another side of the map. If I haven't done it by the end of this game, I'll do a game showing how to blitz the single player when you have lots of space and no compulsion to connect everything you can.

No depots in this game was a great decision. Wish Sawyer had thought to allow broken down trains to be sold though, It's annoying to wait for them to be repaired when you're trying to replace a bunch of old rustbuckets.

1925-1929: Flying High and Stooping Low
Locomotion Soundtrack - Chuggin' Along

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Scrooge uses two historic locations to form Auckland's second airline. He's right on the time when historic NZ's first three airlines went bust, and NZers had to wait a decade for the Union steamship company to form an airline in 1935.

An pragmatic loop is set up so trains can run from the Drury coal mine to the steel mill at Waiuku.

Tram renewed.

The Maritime Division's Aeronauts are a success and soon some more planes are brought aboard. A tram car helps take excess passengers back to town.

In an effort to connect the Winery near Mangere Airfield a big ugly junction leads to a big ugly bridge. Not as ugly as Evelyn Eggburt's designs, though.

The other end of the branch takes advantage of the big junction where the Hunua line meets to avoid fouling the main line. I forgot to name this train, It's a jinty with three goods/food/grapes cars.

With the wine line quickly working, This truck takes up local food deliveries.

I shall never reveal the activities of SS Wu-Tang Secret!

Well, I may as well tell you it hauls livestock to a food processing plant near Papakura.

Another Branch makes it's way out to East Tamaki. It recieves livestock from the tiny station near the entrance to the Hunua valley.

This bus helps clear up passengers mistakenly turning up to the farm at Mangere.

Crowds turn up just to see the Maritime division's Fokker F.VIIs fail to crash!

We aren't sure where GM is going, sponsoring this scandalously short streetcar line...

And finally Scrooge gets a couple of loads a week to the DB Brewery near Papatoetoe.

With all this building, our rolling stock is getting old. However, we are making good progress towards our goal of connecting all of South Auckland by 1940.

Some of our passenger liners do get an upgrade.

Finally, we must try and get rid of the Burgundy scourge. It doesn't work! All we get is a gentle locomotive kiss! We shall have to axe our rival by (ugh) legitimate means!

And now it's time for the News!

Newer, faster, better.

We take back some prestige!

I told them building on a mountainous subtropical rainforest was a bad idea!

Bigger, more expensive, faster.

Also alcoholics.


Perhaps concentrating on expansion is hurting our efficiency.

At least we have some of our pride back. Our aging fleet hits us at the moment, but there are rumours of new developments just around the corner...