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Part 24: 1940-1946: External Combustion Engines

1940-1946: External Combustion Engines
Locomotion Soundtrack - Flying High
One of my favourite early game tracks.

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We get off to a bad start as I attempt to increase the capacity of the Howick line to more than one train. I'm afraid I just straight out demolished the track underneath this train while planning out some other part. It never should have been there anyway

A new passing lane is the best we can do in the myriad of Howick bound rails.

New tram service should increase the ratings and therefore the passenger supply for the ferry terminal.

We then build a huge extension north toward Riverhead forest, and fail to do anything with it for the rest of the update.

Since most of these goods will be hauled across the map, we need to get rid of the last of the bottlenecks. We start with this one where the line heads toward the western suburbs of the city.

It's not quite the bristol channel yet, but spaghetti is huge here. I overcome my qualms and tear up several roads, houses and apartments.

A new type of Locomotive resembling the NZ railways Ka class has turned up, and it gets trialed on the isolated Kaiaua line. It's huge, fast and sounds like it creates it's own weather. One of the modders must have gone out and recorded the genuine article.

We've also try out the new hopper wagons, although I don't want to waste time maintaining trains (We're trying to connect every industry by 1950, remember?) Happily, Evelyn Eggburt has already connected most of the rest up The new train carries 125 tons instead of 100.

Papakura is pissed at us and won't let us modify their town.

We set up a bus service to get them on our good side.

Bang! While traffic controlling during track modifying, I order LL Cow J to pass a signal at danger, expecting it to go straight through the junction. Of course it heads down completely the wrong sector and hits backed up traffic! The victim is AlternativeAirOnRails. Happily this time I am able to replace them and clone the orders, so soon everything is back to normal (all fouled up).

Manukau is fixed with more apartment and road demolition. Papakura is now the last single track stretch between the North Shore and the Waikato Coalfields.

Sweet Louise becomes the first diesel in New Zealand. Several other small trains in the area get S1 shunters. The mid area of the line has so many junctions that the good power-to-weight ratio compensates for the slow max speed.

And now it's time for the News!

The first of a new generation of trucks appears.

The aforementioned Ka style loco.

The other farm in the Waitakere rainforest finally fails, prompting a reshuffle of the farming setor.

As the towns grow, our stations open up for delivery of finished items.

At least we're still beating Burgundy to a few places.

This is our station at Papakura print works. I put down a bus station to deliver passengers across town. The 0% passenger rating here probably was what made them so angry at us in the first place.

Manufacuters are growing more confident in large internal combustion engines and put out a more adventurous locomotive.