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Part 28: 1956-1964: Dieselization

1956-1964: Dieselization
Locomotion Soundtrack - A Good Head Of Steam/ Jumping The Rails
I much prefer Good Head Of Steam.

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I planned to spend two more years modernizing before renewing expansion, but in the event I spent eight.

The moment I start playing, the second farm on our new Tuakau route closes down. We make the best of it and extend the route across the Waikato.

This is shortly followed by the print shop in Papakura closing down. This may have been because the feeder route was one of our worst, it received about one train of paper per year. Having a station nearby that doesn't serve them tends to have a negative effect on industries. Removing the junctions to the Papakura station does improve traffic flow. The Station itself is mothballed in case it comes in handy for later.

We create a station for the local paper based just south of the CBD. The shorter route means that trains from the paper mill at Henderson have a much easier time reaching their destination.

The Chowick express becomes our first railcar.

Towards the end of the fifties, the last of our mighty class Js are replaced, replaced by the slighter, cheaper, class 35.

Most of our medium duty trains are replaced by the class E8 locomotives.

Down south, slow, powerful RSD-15s take over the heavy coal and iron supply trains.

As the sixties continue, some of the last steamers give way to the Century series locos on high ticket routes.

The original station at Pokeno is finally given an upgrade to allow traffic to flow smoothly.

An odd thing happened here when directionalizing the station - removing one semaphore signal and replacing it with a traffic light ends up with two signals on the same side.

Any upgrade to our enormous number of grain carrier trucks is eagerly anticipated. Actually replacing them is a chore, but it's rewarded as we see faster service.

This is a logical add on to the new Printworks station, helping to prevent a goods backlog.

Spending the decade sorting out train routes makes for a short update, and it's hard to convey in screenshots the sense of achievement when I realize that there is nothing left to fix. I've been tweaking junctions, moving waypoints by as little as one square, building some signals and eliminating others, shifting trains and reprogramming their orders. Trams, ships and planes are relatively quick to fix, the only problem is that the fist wave of upgrades is now seven years old and aging rapidly...

And now it's time for the News!

Another industry killed by transport, as Burgundy's has lumber stations all around, none of which ever deliver cattle.

Good news for a mine that we are already serving!

The goods truck at Papakura was changed to mail.

Nooo! The humble Lion red is gone. DB Bitter reigns supreme.

Our multiple units carry a few bags of mail, so there are quite a few of these messages.

This closes another of our routes on the Hunua branch. We Deliver Jaguars is retasked to one of the Awhitu peninsular lines.

Did I mention we bought a 707? We bought a 707 for our busiest route!

Our focus on efficiency is slowly upping cargo volume.

About Time!

Various other models have arrived, our intercity buses are now TDHes, There's a few conrails about, MV Wu-tang secret has been upgraded and we have a class 47 and an M420 on trial.