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Original Thread: Chrono Tragger: SL99, New Game+++++++



Chrono Trigger was awesome, and I think everyone should have the chance to play it--so here it is!

I have the cartridge with me right here.

Unfortunately, I don't have a controller, so I'm going to reconstruct the game from memory.

And, sadly, the game is supposed to run in DOS, and MSPaint doesn't emulate the sound correctly.

The game starts off with one of those clock thingies ticking against a black screen.*

When it stops moving, the title card appears on screen and you are prompted to start. Ominous! We'll be playing the New Game+++++++ option. This allows us to keep all items and levels from previous playthroughs, but ramps up the difficulty while unlocking extra areas and bosses. This is necessary if you want to view all 30 of the potential endings.

The opening track is one of my favourites of all time. It's a brilliant jazz-fusion opening, reminiscent of simpler times.

Chrono Trigger OST - Opening Theme

Anyways, Chrono Trigger doesn't waste time boring the player with a lengthy intro. No, it tosses you in right away to start having fun, leaving it up to the player to discover the storyline by exploring the environment and reading description on items. But first, it asks you to name your character. The default name is supposed to be "Chrono", but because of limitations in the Super Nintendo cartridges, they had to conserve memory, and they did that by limiting how many characters you can use in a name. That always annoyed me, but hey, what are you gonna do?

There he is, our hero.

Well, shall we keep the default name or call him something else? If you want to call him something else, please specify. Also note that "something else" will not work as a name because we are limited to only four characters.

Like I said, straight into the game. Your mom wakes you up in time to hear Lean's bell ring and you're kicked out the door to enjoy the Millenial Fair. Interesting thing to note: the game deals with a lot of hard-hitting sociological issues. You might not catch this if you don't pay attention to the environmental details or read item descriptions, but the two major cities in the game are called Lean and Poor on purpose, as a commentary on homelessness and poverty in major metropolitan areas. But we'll get into that later.

A particularly laid-back track plays as we are awoken.

Chrono Trigger OST - Morning Sunlight

What shall we do some exploring, or head straight to the fair?

A) Explore your house.
B) Explore the town of Lean.
C) Go to Luca's house.
D) Man, don't mess about--go straight to the fair.

*All updates appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to a real LP, live or archived, is purely coincidental.

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FactsAreUseless posted:

My name is Gato and I'm hear to say
Fighting robots is the only way.
Don't do drugs or go to school
Beat up robots and you'll be cool.
People say you should learn to read
Fighting robots is all you need!

Level Seven posted:

He's a metal cat
And a big robot
It's time to say
You fought a lot

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