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Part 1: Town Of Lean, 1000AD

It was a close vote between the default name, Cron, and Goku, but Goku edged out the win, so that shall be our character's name! Fitting, given that this game was originally intended to be a DBZ RPG before Square lost the rights to the license. Also, by a vast majority of votes, we shall explore our house before going to the Millennial Fair.

Anyways, we look around our bedroom to start with:

Goku doesn't have many belongings. Aside from a bed and dresser full clothes (not pictured), all you own are an old wooden practice sword and pedestal you've reserved for the life-sized life-like statue of yourself you plan to purchase. It is not a purchase you make likely. You have dreamed, ever since you were Lil Goku, of owning a statue of yourself. In fact, your father helped you build that pedestal for the explicit purpose of displaying it before he died in a tragic combine accident.

Anyways, if this were a New Game we would collect the Wooden Sword at this point. However, this is New Game+++++++, so we're not going to bother. I've already acquired the strongest weapon in the game, the Northern Regalia, in one of my earlier playthroughs. We're just gonna play through with that so we can enjoy the game without worrying about grinding or getting stuck on bosses.

Strike a pose.

We go and feed the cat and Goku's mom gives him some money to spend at the Millennial Fair. This is a point where the translation into English wasn't perfect and winds up creating an inadvertent bit of dissonance with Goku's back-story as a poor boy from Lean. See, the original Japanese version of Chrono Trigger had his mother giving him 1000 Yen for doing his household chores. When translated for North America, it now seems as though Goku's mother is a crazy lady who is giving her son a small fortune for feeding the household cat. Heh, it's no matter anyways. We've already got the maximum of $9,999,999 since this a New Game+++++++. Money will never be an issue in this playthrough.

Chrono Trigger OST - Peaceful Days

This is the world map of the continent Lean rests on. It may seem like we have a lot of locales to visit, but most of it is blocked out this early in the game. The ferry is in service at the docks, the bridge to Poor is closed for repairs, the castle is under strict guard, and Mt. Erebor's paths have grown over. The shops in Lean are mostly closed because every one has gone to the Fair. Though we can visit the town, there isn't much point. We can go to Luca's house, but there isn't much to do there either, except go through her belongings.

So let's go onto the Fair!

Chrono Trigger OST - Millennial Fair

The Fair is flooded with colourful balloons and stalls. It is a bustling place. Nearly all of Lean and Poor have come to celebrate. It's a brilliant move by the dictators who rule these towns: throw a giant party so the impoverished populace and forget about their troubles. You still have some time before Luca's presentation is ready, so we should look around. You do note that there seems to be a heavily armed person standing around with a crossbow. It might be a good idea to keep a wide berth from her.

What shall we do? There are a lot of options and we have some time, so pick three!

A) Fight Gato The Fighting Robot
B) Gamble At The Races
C) Test Your Strength
D) Watch The Disembodied Face Circus
E) Get Drunk
F) Dance In A Rave
G) Steal Someone's Lunch
H) Visit Mlcr The Weapon Smith's Shop
I) Against Your Better Judgement, Talk To The Woman Walking Around With A Lethal Weapon