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Part 2: Exploring The Millennial Fair, 1000AD

I've had a shite day and now I'm feeling saucy. So let's see--

Goku only has limited time before he needs hustle on over to Luca's presentation, so he only has time for three activities on the fair. But what will they be?

ArchWizard posted:

Do everything on the list in whatever order you think is best.

Aw sheeeeit.

Chrono Trigger OST - Aw Yiss

For better or worse, Goku decides to begin his trip around the Millennial Fair by binge drinking. A local lush challenges you to a "drink-off" and you astound him by drinking all of the beer. ALL OF IT. (Note: in game, you drink beer faster by mashing the "B" button. For the sake of convenience, we will be using the "AUTO" option to crush our opponent and drink beer faster).

You then decide to go gamble at the races, seeing as your decision making abilities have been heightened.

GorfZaplen posted:

Piss all our cash away on the races, I realize we have max cash, just spend it all.

You bet all of your money on the Steel Runner, a man dressed in a full replica suit of armour. For whatever reason, you felt this was a better choice than lithe dinosaur man, the cat, and trained military officer. Yup, Goku bet on the fella jogging around in his own body weight worth of metal.

You have lost all your money!

Chrono Trigger OST - Gato's Theme

You go to fight Gato. The alcohol is really starting to affect you, though, and you pass out before Gato can even finishing singing its battle theme. For shame.

You win no silver points.

In a haze, you drag yourself to the weird circus thing going on. At least you think you got their of your own accord. For all you know, someone helped you there. You blacked out for a bit. It was probably Gato. Good ol'Gato. Gonna have to thank it afterwards. Anyways, you sleep through the show and miss whatever happened. You're sure it wasn't anything important and whatever was going on will have no bearing on the plot whatsoever at any point in the game.

Afterwards, you stumble around the fair. You're no longer black-out drunk, but you're still pretty out of it. You're beginning to feel pretty hungry. There's an old man settling down to enjoy his lunch, and you manage to persuade him to part with it. You don't recall what exactly you say to make him give it up--you remember repeating your name a lot, talking about something-something-super saiyan, yadda, yadda, spirit bomb--you don't know, you don't remember, it's not important.

You scored a sandwich. Your hunger is satiated for the nonce.

Afterwards, you bumble over to the weird caveman rave going on in the back stage. They're playing some gobshite music, but whatever. Some short guy hooks you up with some of the good stuff. You are now absolutely and irrevocably out of it.

Chrono Trigger OST - Burn! Bobonga! Burn!

MartianAgitator posted:

Visit Macklemore the rapping weapon smith.

In a haze, you find yourself before Mlcr the famed weaponsmith. You no longer have any money, so his wares are useless to you. Also, you have the strongest weapon in the game, so again, his wares are useless to you. Ah well. You mumble something and totter off.

You make your way towards the heavily armed woman, now armed with so much liquid and synthetic courage that you are confident you will be able to impress her by testing your strength at the fair booth. All the crap you've ingested is really starting to take its toll, though, so you collapse mid-sentence. Through the haze, you hear her say something about losing a pendant.

From your perspective on the ground, you see the glint of gold in the grass. It looks like a pendant. Probably the one she lost. She leaves, looking for it. What will Goku do?