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Part 3: Telepod Malfunction, 1000AD [Ending 1 - King Cron]

Brony Hunter posted:

>Take pendant and use it as a wager to gamble on the guy in armour again.

Angry Diplomat posted:

Get the pendant and use it to pay Gato for its services. Go on adventures together.

tlarn posted:

Take the pendant, don't return it, proceed to the presentation alone with it. It's time to make this the sequence-break run.

Unfortunately, there are a number of hidden flags that prevent us from sequence breaking too heavily early on. Attempting to use the pendant as cash-money ultimately winds up in a rejection of services: no merchant will accept it as legal tender, claiming they don't work on the barter system; Gato is programmed to only respond to combat and offers his services pro bono; and betting it isn't accepted because its value is unknown and the people running the games are trying to keep it "legit".

There is an interesting bit of conversation if you try and sell it to Mlcr, the Famed Rapping Weapon Smith. He recognizes the pendant and chastises you for foolishly trying to part with such a "priceless heirloom". Still, he refuses to take it for himself, suggesting he is afraid of it for some reason. Spooky.

Visiting Luca with the pendant breaks the machine, causing strange portal rifts to open up. You are unable to go near the portals, though, because Luca declares them a hazard and blocks your access to them. In this way, the game cleverly prevents you from progressing without giving the pendant back to the heavily armed woman in white. Still, since we've spoken to Luca finally, we are given the option of changing her name:

Shall we rename Luca, or go with the default name?

AJ_Impy posted:

Stage a coup.

Rexides posted:

Give the pendant to the old guy as payment for the sandwich. Then tell crossbow-girl that you know which scumbag stole her pendant.

You direct the woman's attention elsewhere. When she isn't looking, you pocket the pendant for yourself.

Unbeknownst to many players, this route is actually one of the games 30 endings. It is difficult to complete on New Game, because it involves fighting off many soldiers in Lean's castle, including the Chancellor, who is revealed to be a wicked bug monster. In New Game+++++++, we are able to easily dispatch them and claim victory.

Congratulations! You've unlocked the "King Cron" ending! 29 to go!

As you can see, the King Cron ending makes reference to events that will occur much later in the game. But that's for later, so we wont get into it now.

IPvSH6T posted:

You've had a lot to drink, and there are important things to do before bothering with any pendants. Drop trou, take piss.

Air is lava! posted:

>Eat pendant.

You attempt to eat the pendant. Unfortunately, it is not edible and you vomit in response. The ensuing force of your vomit causes you to lose control of your bowels, and you urinate yourself. Oh, Goku! Your actions have caught the attention of the heavily armed woman, and she notices that you have the pendant.

Crud. Well, the pendant has been returned to the girl, whether Goku likes it or not. She ignores the fact that you are covered in your own bodily fluids, and thanks you profusely for finding her pendant. It seems to be very important to her. She introduces herself as Marl, and insists that she follow you around. She seems to think that her company is enough of a reward for finding her priceless family heirloom, or something. Rather arrogant of her, but whatever, you're not about to argue with someone holding a large crossbow. You're amazed to have found a person who will put up with you after encrusting yourself with vomit and piss, so you take it as a net win.

Still, we have the option of keeping Marl, or renaming her.

Anyways, there's nothing left to do now but go to Luca's presentation. If you show up without the Pendant and without Marl, you can freely go through the teleporter and it works fine. If we bring both Marl and the Pendant, the machine again breaks down, but because we have Marl now, she gets sucked into the blue portal rift that opens up. Uh oh!

Chrono Trigger OST - A Strange Happening

The Pendant is left behind and Luca identifies it as the problem. But what do we do now? We are given control of Goku again. You'll note that there is also a red portal on the machine. This only appears in New Game+ modes.

Decide on what Marl and Luca will be named, and decide what to do next!