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Part 4: Enter The Red Portal, 1000AD [Ending 2 - Git'er Done]

Ratoslov posted:

Tell Luca to forget this, let's get high and make out.

Having been GOKU's friend for years now, GOKU has seen GOKU drunk/high and knows that it usually ends in urination and vomit. In fact, GOKU swears she can smell piss and vomit on GOKU now--

GOKU politely declines GOKU's suggestion.

Gildiss posted:

Take the red pill and fight 1000 Mr. Lavos' in an empty city during a rain storm.

GOKU suggests to GOKU that GOKU investigate the portals. GOKU decides to check out the Red Portal first.

This is actually a route to one of the 30 game endings, though it is only accessible in a New Game + mode. This will seem a bit odd to newcomers to Chrono Trigger, but what we are about to do is take a shortcut straight to the game's final boss, Lavos. We're going to miss all the story, heart-ache, and celebration, but hey, it grants us a unique ending, so we'll take it.

It isn't quite the rain-soaked city you imagined, but at least there's only 1 Lavos, rather than 1000--

Chrono Trigger OST - Lavos' Theme

You get ready to kick butt! In New Game+, this is actually quite a challenge taking GOKU against Lavos 1-on-1. Since this is New Game+++++++, it's rather easy. GOKU leaps towards the monstrosity and--

--pokes it right in the weird sphincter-mouth-eye thing. GOKU tries desperately not to think about where he just put his hand--whether it be in a sphincter, mouth, or eye (though he secretly hopes it was more eye than any other part)--and the creature roars, hideous beak shattering before his eyes.

Chrono Trigger OST - World Revolution

That is not all, though, as this was merely Lavos' shell. GOKU enters the now cavernous maw, entering a strange realm neither part of time nor space.

It is there that GOKU encounters the Lavos Core--though what exactly it is, he knows not, as he has skipped the entire backstory and plot of the game.

Chrono Trigger OST - Final Battle

As far as final bosses go, Lavos in all its forms is rather easy, and even now, in New Game+++++++ it goes down in a single hit. Yay!

Congratulations! You have wasted no time in finished the game, and have unlocked the Git'er Done Ending!

Probably one of the better endings, though bittersweet, as the world as a whole doesn't suffer undue strife. CHCH has to be sacrificed, sending Lean into a bit of turmoil, but all is well that ends well, as a strange figure takes command of the southern city-state of Poor and works to unite the two realms into a prosperous new Republic.

Considering the whole Telepod malfunction and missing Princess Nada, GOKU gives up her dream of being a scientist and settles down GOKU. However, because GOKU is actually kind of a slacker and has no skills besides hitting things with sticks and swords, they wind up living a continued life of poverty in a trailer park outside Lean's outskirts. They live a happy life, however, for they need and want little. They ultimately die in obscurity with no children to carry on their line, because going into the Red Portal rendered GOKU impotent.

Ah well.

Let's continue on, shall we?

Fister Roboto posted:

Go through the blue portal, throw LUCA through the red portal

nine-gear crow posted:

Push Luca into the red portal.

GOKU pushes GOKU into the portal.

Before you have a chance to anything more, like say, push the two Telepods together, you feel a strange presence behind you. A menacing voice demands to know what you have done. You recognize the voice as TABN's, GOKU's father. That's GOKU's father, and not GOKU's father, who is still very much dead thanks to the aforementioned combine accident.

What does GOKU have to say for himself?