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Part 5: Enter The Blue Portal, 1000AD

TravelLog posted:

Also, Goku immediately shouts, "Oi, you w0t m8?!"

This sudden outburst startles TABN--

TooMuchAbstraction posted:

Throw TABN into the portal. And if any guards show up to investigate, throw them into the portal too. Basically throw everyone into the portal.

--and GOKU uses this opportunity to throw TABN into the Red Portal after his daughter, GOKU. Seeing as the presentation has already been barred off from the earlier mishap with CHCH, there is no one nearby to hear TABN's screams, and so no one comes to investigate.

You are certain throwing TABN and GOKU into the Red Portal will not have repercussions later on in the game.

Welp, it's time to go after CHCH. You enter the portal and step out into a dreary land, with a pungent odour all about. The Blue Portal closes behind you, seeing as there is no Telepod on this side to keep it open. This troubles you--if GOKU were here, she probably could have created some device, some "Gate Key", to open closed portals at a whim. Haha, too late now! You're on your own.

Wait--something steps out of the bushes and approaches you.

Chrono Trigger OST - Battle 1

Tiny green men with butts for heads!

Whatever will GOKU do next?