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Part 6: Town Of Lean, 420AD

Rexides posted:

Kill one in the most gruesome and inhumane way imaginable, so that the rest will follow your command unquestionably out of sheer terror.

Gildiss posted:

Since we traveled in time, it is most likely a new day. So time to wake n bake. Smoke the dank imps.

Materant posted:

You missed your morning crunk, you've gotta be craving by now. Smoke 'em.

You kill one of the imps in the most horrifying and inhumane way you can think off: by smoking them in a blunt.

Chrono Trigger OST - 600AD

However, because they are mindless peons, they cannot be coerced into following you. They will either attack you or flee in terror. They scream something about "Lord MAGS", it doesn't really make any sense to you.

Lord_Ventnor posted:

Light'em up with a good ol' KMHMHA.

GorfZaplen posted:

Aww, who am I kidding? KMHMHA TIME

Your attack takes care of all the imps in one swift blow. It also leaves a massive crater at the base of Mt. Erebor. The noise attracts a guard from Lean--only, it's not any guard you recognize.

It's some fellow in ancient Lean armour. The Blue Portal must've taken you back in time to the past! Back to Lean's medieval age! Goodness!

The guard sees your handiwork and proclaims you to be some sort of wizard of light sent to defeat the Dark Lord MAGS. There seems to be some sort of problem at the castle involving Queen LEAN and he begs you follow him.

Well, what does GOKU think?