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Part 7: Lean Cathedral, 420AD

C. Everett Koop posted:

We need to Cuck the King.

You look around. There isn't actually any princess or queen nearby. Heck, you don't even see a king around, just some dead imps and this guy in the armour suit.

Gonna have to put this one on the back-burner, you suppose.

I Am Just a Box posted:

Get your money back from this Ren Faire motherfucker. GOKU got to get paid.

Xenav posted:

You know something Goku, This *gentleman* in front of you kinda looks like the person who made you lose all your money because he sucked at running. Kick his ass, maybe he has some of it on him.

You're still riding high, and this fellow does look an awful lot like the Steel Runner. You give him a beat down for losing the race.

Unfortunately, you only find a couple bucks on him.

Krad posted:

Tell the guard that you come from the future and that you need his clothes. Then take them by force.

You take some of his armour as payment. He won't be needing it.

Cosmic Afro posted:

Skip all that dialogue garbage and go straight for that Cathedral over that, it looks fancy.

This is actually a great idea. You're all about efficiency. Also, you're super baked. A baked GOKU is a lazy GOKU. You don't want to help out any people in some castle. That cathedral looks as good a place as any to be. You know, just sneak into the back during a service and take a nap in the crowd. It's the perfect plan.

You step into the cathedral just in time to see a sentient frog person behead a giant snake. You wonder if that Green Imp you smoked was laced with something.

The frog person looks at you. LOOKS AT YOU. Oh god. What are you gonna do--

Might be that Imp, but you have no idea what the frog-man is saying to you. You think he wants help? You're not sure.

You tell him your name is GOKU, and he introduces himself:

Chrono Trigger OST - Frog's Theme

What happens next on Dragon Ball?

Also, what shall FROG's name be?