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Chrono Trigger

by Blind Sally

Part 8: The Frog And The Queen, 420AD

You follow your new found friend deeper into the cathedral, using a trap door unlocked by mashing your potato hands on the organ. It's more treacherous going than you expect. Well, PCLO takes care of most things in the way, GOKU just kind of watches. Only, PCLO dispatches enemies in the most horrific and gruesome ways possible.

I mean, seriously, you thought murdering and Imp and smoking it in front of its friends was hardcore. But no, PCLO is moreso. PCLO is--OH GODS, DID A CHUNK OF NAGA JUST GET STUCK TO YOUR FACE?!

You plod on, deeper and darker into this nightmare you go, becoming more drenched with the entrails of your foes. PCLO seems to be having fun. Right? Your high or buzz or whatever is definitely gone. This horror show has done more to sober you up than any amount of coffee or nap time in a Lean lock-up could ever hope to do--AHHHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT!?!?

Your mind has shut off by the time you reach the bottom level. You have found Queen Lean, captured by the chancellor who was actually a giant bug, YKRA, in disguise--or so the monster monologes before PCLO grabs hold of him. You see what PCLO does to the being--it is slow, and violent, and evil--but none of it registers. It sort of just washes over you.

You go stand with the Queen in the other room to wait while PCLO does his thing. She is grateful you rescued her. She calls you a great warrior and thanks you.

You mumble something, but it's half-hearted. She asks if there is anything she could do to help ease your apparent suffering.

What next?