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Part 10: Arrested!, 1000AD [Ending 3 - Queen Cron]

GoatLord posted:

Scold CHCH for cursing in front of you, her grandfathermother.

Shinjobi posted:

Tell CHCH that any relationship between the two of you wouldn't be proper now, and just isn't worth it anymore. Make sure to look as huffy as possible in your dress.

You remind CHCH that you are now her great-something-grandfather, and that it's impolite to curse in front of you. You also remind her that any adolescent school-girl crush she once had on you must be set aside, because it would be improper. Beside, you are the queen now, and she is but a traveller displaced from time. CHCH is not impressed.

Rexides posted:

Who gives a fuck about these nobodies, We are the Queen now, let's go to the castle to introduce ourselves to our new husband (the king (who we cucked)).

Mantis42 posted:

Use your authority as Queen to have CHCH and Queen Lean LOCKED UP for impersonating you.

You enter the castle and introduce yourself to the king. The simpering old fool is basically blind, and accepts you as the Queen. You have CHCH and the Queen locked up to avoid any potential future embarrassment.

It's good to be queen.

Congrats, you have unlocked the "Queen Cron" Ending! 27 more to go!

Back to the playthrough--

Geemer posted:

And I guess go see what this MAGS idiot is up to.

You can't actually get to the southern continent at this point. The bridge to Poor has been destroyed in a MAGS attack. It won't be until your return visit to 420AD that you'll be able to check it out.

EllEssDee posted:

At this point, mild sequence-breaking, you pull out the murasame, e.g your chrono trigger, and show her how you're going to fix her (time) period.

Ah, yes! You remember this is a New Game+++++++! You look through your gear to find something that will appease CHCH. Most of the crap doesn't satisfy her, but you find the Gate Key made by Glasses-GOKU in another playthrough. With it, you can open any Blue Portal, potentially go back in time, and undo the colossal mistake you've made.

You return to the Mt. Erebor gate and transport yourself back to the Millennial Fair. Only, there are a crap-load of Guardia Knights waiting for you. They believe you kidnapped the princess--wait, CHCH is Princess NADA? Ah crud. It all makes sense!

CHCH doesn't seem to much care that you've been arrested. "Yeah, whatever, arrest grandpa. I don't even care anymore," you hear her say as you are dragged away.

You are now in jail awaiting execution. Worst of all, the Steel Runner, the REAL Steel Runner, who lost you all your money, is your prison guard.

Ho, hum, what will GOKU do?