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Part 12: The Trial, 1000AD [Ending 5 - Cron-Land]

laplace posted:

Wait for your alternate timeline self to appear and spring yourself out of Jail. Continue to multiply until you hit the party limit and pull the best prison break in history.

Congratulations, you've unlocked the best possible ending!

"Cron-Land" Ending unlocked! 35 to go!

Rigged Death Trap posted:

Slick your hair back into spikes and dye it black.

Krad posted:

Allow them to take you to court. Hire Phoenix Wright for the trial.

GoatLord posted:

Take the Steel Runner as a hostage and go through that portal.

Unfortunately, there is no one by that name practicing law in this Kingdom at this time. However, you do get the overwhelming desire to dye your hair black. With no dye present, you rub soot and dirt into your hair, making a terrible mess. You also decide to force Steel Runner into your party as punishment for being a lousy sprinter.

CHCH is dubious of your plan, you brush her aside and go to the courtroom to defend yourself against accusations of kidnapping and sandwich thievery.

Chrono Trigger OST - Calamitous Judgement

Thus follows a court transcript of the proceedings:


The Court: Do you have anything to say?

GOKU: The Defendant, myself, GOKU, is now afforded an opportunity to argue the case, if you will, but I'm not going to argue with you, ladies and gentlemen. What I'm going to do is to try and discuss the reasonable inferences which I feel can be drawn from this evidence.

Ultimately, it's what you determine to be the facts is what's going to be important, and all of us can live with that. You are empowered to do justice. You are empowered to ensure that this great system of ours works. Listen for a moment, will you, please. One of my favorite people in history is the great Azala. She said shortly after Nizbel was killed, quote, "Th... the apes beat Nizbel!" This marvelous statement was made more than 100 years ago. It's an ideal worth striving for and one that we still strive for. We haven't reached this goal yet, defeating Nizbel, but certainly in this great country of ours, we're trying to find the correct Time Gate. With a jury such as this, we hope we can do that in this particular case.

I'd like to comment and to compliment the Bug Chancellor and Sandwich Guy on what I thought were fine arguments. I don't agree with much of what they said, but I listened intently, as I hope you'll do with me. And together, hopefully these discussions are going to be helpful to you in trying to arrive at a decision in this case where you don't compromise, where you don't do violence to your conscious, but you do the right thing. And you are the ones who are empowered to determine what is the right thing. Let me ask each of you a question. Have you ever in your life been falsely accused of something? Have you ever been falsely accused? Ever had to sit there and take it and watch the proceedings and wait and wait and wait, all the while knowing that you didn't do it? All you could do during such a process is to really maintain your dignity; isn't that correct? Knowing that you were innocent, but maintaining your dignity and remembering always that all you're left with after a crisis is your conduct during. So that's another reason why I am proud to represent myself, me, who has maintained my innocence and who has conducted myself with dignity throughout these proceedings. Now, last night, as I thought about the arguments of my colleagues, two words came to mind. And I want to--I asked my great-something-granddaughter CHCH this morning to get the dictionary out and look up two words. The two words were "Speculative" and "Cynical." Let me see if I can get those words that she got for me.

And I want you to tell me what does it mean to speculate, what does it mean to be cynical, as I thought about my colleagues' arguments and their approach to this case and their view of this case. "Cynical" is described as contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives, gloomy distrustful view of life. And to speculate--to speculate, to engage in conjecture and to surmise or--is to take to be the truth on the basis of insufficient evidence. I mention those two definitions to you because I felt that much of what we heard yesterday and again this morning was mere speculation.

People see things that are totally cynical. Maybe that's their view of the world. Not everybody shares that view. Now, in this case--and this is a kidnapping case and a very, very, very serious sandwich theft case. And of course, it's important for us to understand that. It is a sad fact that in Lean society, a large number of people are hurt each year. Violence unfortunately has become a way of life in Lean. And so when this sort of tragedy does in fact happen, it becomes the business of the guards to step up and step in and to take charge of the matter. A good efficient, competent, non-corrupt guard force will carefully set about the business of investigating kidnappings and theft. They won't rush to judgment. They won't be bound by an obsession to win at all costs. They will set about trying to apprehend the thieves or kidnappers and trying to protect the innocent from suspicion.

In this case, the victims' families had an absolute right to demand exactly just that in this case. But it was clear unfortunately that in this case, there was another agenda. From the very first orders issued by the Guardia Knights so-called brass, they were more concerned with their own images, the publicity that might be generated from this case than they were in doing professional investigation work. That's why this case has become such a hallmark and that's why GOKU, me, is the one on trial. But your verdict in this case will go far beyond the walls of Guardia Castle because your verdict talks about justice in Lean and it talks about the guards and whether they're above the law and it looks at the guards perhaps as though they haven't been looked at very recently. Remember, I told you this is not for the naive, the faint of heart or the timid. So it seems to us that the evidence shows that professional investigation work took a backseat right at the beginning. Untrained guards trampled--remember, I used the word in opening statement--they traipsed through the evidence.

Because of their bungling, they ignored the obvious clues. They didn't pick up paper at the scene with prints on it. Because of their vanity, they very soon pretended to solve this crime and we think implicated an innocent man, and they never, they never ever looked for anyone else. We think if they had done their job as we have done, GOKU, that's me, would have been eliminated early on.

Now, at the outset, let's talk about this time line for the Defense. I said earlier that the Sandwich Guy did a good job in his argument, but one thing he tended to trip over and stumble over was when he started to talk about our case. He doesn't know our case like we know our case. It was interesting, wasn't it, because first he stood up and started talking about the time line being at 10:15. Then he said, well, they didn't prove anything, but, "Golly, well, it may have been as late as 10:30." That's interesting, isn't it? Never heard that before.

And so as we look then at the time line and the importance of this time line, I want you to remember these words. Like the defining moment in this trial, the day the Sandwich Guy asked me to try a bite of his sandwich and it didn't fit in my mouth, remember these words; if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. And we are going to be talking about that throughout. So to summarize, if you take the witnesses that we presented who stand unimpeached, unimpeached, and if you are left with dogs starting to bark at 10:35 or 10:40, 10:40 let's say--and we know from the most qualified individuals, Gato and Mlcr the Rapping Weapon-Smith, this was a struggle that took from five to 15 minutes. It's already 10:55. And remember, the thumps were at 10:40 or 10:45--GOKU could not be guilty. He is then entitled to an acquittal

And when you are back there deliberating on this case, you're never going to be ever able to reconcile this time line and the fact there's no crumbs back there and GOKU would run into a circus tent in the Millennial Fair and then under that scenario, he still has the pendant and the sandwich cloth. But what does the Sandwich Man tell you yesterday? Well, he still has the pendant and he's in these crumb-covered clothes and presumably in crumb-covered shoes, and what does he do? He goes in the Telepod. Now, thank heaven, Judge took us on a jury view. You've seen this Telepod. You've seen this Portal. If he went in that Telepod with crumby shoes, with crumby clothes, with his crumby hands as they say, where's the crumbs on the Telepod platform, where's the crumbs on the gate switch, where's the crumbs on the Gate Key, where's the crumbs on the cobblestone? That's like almost white cobblestone going up those pathways. Where is all that crumb trail they've been banting about in this mountain of evidence? You will see it's little more than a river or a stream. They don't have any mountain or ocean of evidence. It's not so because they say so. That's just rhetoric. We this afternoon are talking about the facts. And so it doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't fit. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.


Judge: Excuse me, but this has gone on long enough. Is there a point to this? Is this line of thought going anywhere?

GOKU: I think so, your honour, but to be honest, I'm not to sure anymore.

Judge: Right, that's it. I've heard enough. I'm ready to pass judgement.

You waited with baited breath while the Judge spoke your sentence.

Oh no! The Judge has been watching a lot of A Game Of Thrones lately, so he sentences you to trial-by-combat. Gleefully, the Bug Chancellor leads you out of the court onto the walkways of Guardia Castle and brings out his champion: a Robot Dragon Tank Thing.

Chrono Trigger OST - Boss Theme 1

Whoa, a boss fight! How do you want to do this?