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Part 13: The Future, 2300AD

Shinjobi posted:

Use "Summon" to summon Lady Goku from the future to eradicate the boss briefly before dismissing her back to her fate

You have vowed never to acknowledge GOKU ever again. You don't want to think about that anymore.

Ratoslov posted:

Ask the clockwork robot dragon if it wants to get high and make out.

You start flirting with the Robot Dragon.

CHCH reminds you that it isn't sentient, questions your logical facilities, and calls you a rude name. Harumph. Kids these days have no respect for their elders!

RotationSurgeon posted:

I think what everyone is posting is the only obvious option but I think I need to make a correction here:


Aw yiss. It's time for payback. Steel Runner is gonna get his. And so it this dumb dragon!


Unsatisfied with this conclusion, the Bug Chancellor sends a swarm of guards after you. CHCH leads you to the clearing in Guardia Forest that houses the Blue Portal. She seems to be more in control than you are, so you give her the Gate Key for safe keeping.

You wonder where the Portal will take you this time--

Meanwhile, in Lahan Village:

FEI steps out into the beautiful day, ready to confront all the challenges of a small town life.


Some dude in a bad outfit with a worse haircut than GOKU confronts you. He asks you what just happened.

What shall we name this goober, and how shall we answer his ridiculous question?

(Due to real-life needs, I will be taking a brief hiatus from this LP. Have no fear, I have found a guest LPer to take the reigns in my absence. I trust that they will adequately guide the thread through 2300AD)