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Part 14: Rogue Machines, 2300AD with nine-gear crow

Chrono Trigger OST - UMN.exe

Okay, let’s see what bullshit Blind Sally’s saddled me with here.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Why am I LPing Xenogears? Alright then, time to get back to what I do best marginally well: rip off TheDarkId.

Let’s see, how much do I got here? $3.75? Alright. Let’s do this.

Chrono Trigger OST - My Village Is Number One

Angry Diplomat posted:

He looks like a KRLN to me. Answer him with a completely honest run-on sentence detailing the entire tale up to this point, then ask him if he wants to get high and make out.

Pyroi posted:

> Name him KRLN, and explain that you just suplexed a man in full armor, and boy are your arms tired.

You explain everything that happened since you woke up this morning to your new friend KRLN in full, graphic detail.

He is naturally horrified.

Doubly so when you proposition him with drugs and romantic contact.

Tuxedo Ted posted:

Ignore him and go find the cameo of glasses GOKU that this gameuniverse features. Recruit her instead to replace the original that went missing.

Much less likely to trick us into eating soylent green.

Before he can politely decline the offer, you spot a familiar face out of the corner of your eye. Could it really be?

You are overjoyed somewhat confused to find GOKU here in this weird and wonderful world. She appears to be demonstrating a glowing golden object to no one in particular.

You begin by apologizing for that whole “red portal thing”. When you ask her to join you on your adventure again…

She decks the living daylights out of you.

Shiny777 posted:

Name him SION and ask him to direct us to the nearest giant mecha.

You wander back to KRLN and begin asking him about giant robots. Because this is supposed to be the Future, and you want a giant robot, dammit.

Chrono Trigger - Knight of Fire

Completely at random and not at all apropos to your inquiry, a bunch of giant robots land in the town.

The big blue unique looking one appears to challenges you to a fight.

How will GOKU and his friends handle this situation?