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by Blind Sally

Part 16: Trann Dome, 2300AD with nine-gear crow

Choco1980 posted:

Suplex Time

Shiny777 posted:

Demonstrate our POWER to it.

Rigged Death Trap posted:


GOKU decides to show off this POWR and Suplex the giant robot.

…But it doesn’t seem to work. Okay, let’s try something else then.

ajkalan posted:

Find the ugly kid with a huge forehead and suplex him into it

In the midst of the panicking crowds you spot a child with an abnormally large forehead.

And it gives you an idea.


It’s not very effective. Though you did manage to murder a seven-year-old for no reason.

Good for you.

Let’s try something else.

Suddenly, another giant robot shows up. This one looks even more powerful than the last one. You see a strange man standing on its shoulder.

…General Dragias? Is that you?

This Darth Vader looking motherfucker says his name is GARF, the seeker of POWR.

He says he has been looking for you, and that -The Time- has arrived.

How do you respond to this obviously crazy man’s oddly punctuated ranting?