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Part 18: Interrogating The Prisoner, 2300AD

Geemer posted:

Eat the pilot as emergency rations.

AJ_Impy posted:

Eat it, nerds. The mecha, the pilot, every last delicious morsel.

ultrafilter posted:

Eat the pilot's corpse to gain his or her powers.

You don't know why--you feel compelled, by, by forces you don't fully understand. Perhaps you just have the munchies from smoking' those dank imps still, you don't know, but you take advantage of the meal that has been provided you.

One of the deceased's arms was severed when the giant blue robot fell on her. You help yourself, much to the surprise of your companions.

CHCH moves to stop you, but KRLN stops her.

Just as you finish your meal, you hear screaming. It appears that aside from a bit of dismemberment in the accident, the pilot survived the robot crash. Hmm.

Between her screams and curses in a strange language, you think you catch her name--

What is this pilot's name, and what shall we do with our captive foe?