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Part 19: Allies Of The Future, 2300AD

Kavak posted:

Aw crap, put ELI's arm back quick!

KRLN quickly dismisses this idea. He claims to be some sort of Doctor, and quickly staunches the bleeding, using some bandages in the robot's first aid kit.

Anyways, you're pretty sure you heard a name in all that yelling. Something about--

Waffleman_ posted:

Say hello to our new friend ARMS.

TwistedSynapse posted:

Gonna have to second ARMS.

Geemer posted:


AJ_Impy posted:

Yeah, if she isn't food, ARMS it is.

Krad posted:

Give ARMS a Tonic to recover from her wounds.

nine-gear crow posted:

There'll be more BLMAs later, I guess. ARMS it is.

--yeah, that's right, she said her name was ARMS.

She starts to protest, but you are enraptured by her giant robot fighting mech. You want it to work. You want it for yourself.

****LPER note: MSPaint sometimes has trouble rendering the high graphics demanded by Chrono Trigger, which is why the dirt and blood sometimes fail to load on GOKU's character model****

You interrupt ARMS, demanding she teach you how to pilot her robot. You remind her that she drew "First Blood" and that she's lucky to be alive.

She looks at your incredulously and flatly says the machine is broken and needs to be repaired. KRLN, good ol'useful, kagey, seems-to-know-more-than-he's-letting-on KRLN suggest that you can buy parts in the nearby town of DAZL.

He starts describing the nearby world, evening going so far as to show you a map, but you swear your eyes begin to glaze over as you tune him out.

Alternate-realty GOKU chimes in to say that she happens to be an inventor and offer to takes a look at the machine. Hey, why not? If it's broke, maybe she can fix it.

Ultimate GOKU finishes her work. She warns you that the machine was pretty badly damaged, and probably won't operate as some sort of mobile-battle suit. Fortunately, using some of her own ingenuity, she was able to at least activate its AI. It could now serve as an active party member, helping you on your quest to--uh, your quest to--

You know, you're not quite sure why you're here or what you're doing with your life anymore.


It's not quite what you expected. It introduces itself as WLTL, but since it's merely a machine, a piece of property, you figure you ought to give it a better name. So what is the designation of this malformity of science?

KRLN reminds you that ARMS still needs proper medical attention, and that you should probably head to DAZL town regardless.