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Part 20: A Pivotal Decision, 2300AD

C. Everett Koop posted:

We've gotten away from our GOKU naming system, so name it G0KU and let's roll.

Krad posted:

Let's welcome our newest party member, G0KU.

anglachel posted:

G0KU. Not to be confused with GOKU, sense As a robot he needs a number in this name

And with that, G0KU plays a video cassette recording of the Day of Lavos. It reveals that in the year of our lord, 2012AD, a giant porcupine monster emerges from the center of the Earth to destroy the planet. G0KU then goes on to reveal that the creature was apparently summoned into existence by a powerful force in 420AD.

Chrono Trigger OST - 2300AD Overture

CHCH asks the right questions, wondering how such a lush and vibrant world still existed if the planet was apparently destroyed. According to G0KU, the planet just got over it and people moved on. To bad about the name, though. Xenogears. What kind of name for a planet is that anyways? You hate it. What a terrible name.

It's at that moment that something begins to percolate in GOKU's little pea-brain. A plan begins to emerge. You begin to feel as if you have figured out your life's purpose. You begin to feel as if this game has an end goal to strive for. But goodness, what is it?

Chrono Trigger OST - Cron's Theme Remastered