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Part 21: Lab 17, 2300AD [Ending 7 - Do You Seek Power?]

Cheez posted:

Fueled by hate for the name, it's time to beat up the nerd who called the planet Xenogears.

Waffleman_ posted:

Man, Xenogears is an awful name. I could make up a better planet name in my sleep!

The planet is now named GOKU.

Rather than go back in time to try and rewrite history, you decide to stay in the future and make a new life. The first thing you decide to do is change the stupid ass name given to the planet. Xenogears? Screw that.

Your journey takes you to many strange places and you meet many strange people. Along the way you destabilize nations, take down a floating continent, reference The Shining, one-up Team Rocket, drop a Deus, discover power overwhelming, kill a Krelian, drop another Deus, and save God.

In the wake of your conquest, you rename the plane Goku, and settle down to live happily ever after, before the Ice Age you triggered ends your brief life.

Congratulations, you have unlocked the Do You Seek Power? ending! 23 to go!

Bregor posted:

Tell G0KU to execute DANK_NUGS.EXE and get high as fuck with your new robot friend

In the midst of running the program, G0KU has an epiphany. See, you were trying to explain to it how you got to 2300AD in the first place. When you got to the part about the portals, it chimes in claiming it has seen one before.

But you have to go to the Kingdom Aveh, through the desert and past the down of Dazl. Mildly inconvenient, but hey, it's a thought, because--

The Thread posted:

Various iterations of "go confront Lavos"

--you plan on going back in time to find Lavos.

Anyways, it doesn't take long to reach the desert. And it doesn't take long to have your way barred.

A land submarine juts forth from the dunes. It has got to be the stupidest thing you've ever heard of. A land submarine? Ridiculous. Anyways, a terribly dressed boy band pop star emerges from the land submarine and challenges you to a duel.

He shouts his name... what was it?

What will this person's name be, and how shall we deal with them?