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Part 22: The Outrider, 2300AD

Spoilers Below posted:

Offer him some puar tea and see if he and his sweet land sub want to join the team. You could probably get a good hotbox going inside that thing if you hook G0KU up to the ventilation system.

Krad posted:

Get high with YMCH and reenact the Yellow Submarine music video.

Holy shit. I can't pass this up.

You describe your plan to YMCH and he is instantly smitten with the idea. Your growing band of adventures board YMCH's ship, the Outrider, and hook up G0KU to the ventilation system. Pretty soon the whole ship it hotboxed and the entire populace of the Outrider are coasting on a wicked high.

The smoke seen from the desert is so thick it darkens the sky. For decades, people of the Aveh desert remember that night as The Night The Desert Burned.

YMCH declares you to be his BEST AND ONLY FRIEND. While it's a little strange and YMCH seems a little clingy, you take the compliment with grace, as befitting your royal attire. You encourage him to help you reenact the Yellow Submarine music video and are horrified to discover that he has never heard of it. Nor has he ever heard of The Beatles. Nor rock music, for that matter.

Truly, this is the darkest timeline.

You plan to redouble your efforts to go back in time to find Lavos to ensure that this horrible, horrible future is destroyed. There will be no Planet Xenogears as long as you still breath.

Anyways, you and your crew tell YMCH about your plans. Well, CHCH does most of the talking, you're pretty blazed. YMCH, eager to help is BEST AND ONLY FRIEND, agrees to take part. Only problem is, his cousin MARG has been kidnapped. He says that if you help him save MARG, he will help you find the time portal and fight Lavos. He says it's important, because he's going to marry MARG.

His cousin.

That's messed up. You chuckle, and tell him so.

Anyways, MARG is held in Bledavik castle. YMCA tells you that it is heavily fortified and patrolled, but that there is a) a sewer system and b) a fighting contest you might be able to take advantage of to sneak in.

How do you want to play this rescue mission?