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Part 24: Castle Rescue, 2300AD [Ending 8 - Robocron]

Waffleman_ posted:

I'm actually getting a bit tired of this game and this seems like a good place to take a break. Take out Chrono Trigger and put in Castlevania.

While I don't plan on switching games mid-LP, we can do the old Sonic & Knuckles 3 trick and combines cartridges:

Aw yeah, gotta love wacky old technology. Doing this unlocks a secret character:

Richter Belmont can now become a member of our party. I'm going to leave him on the ship for now, but we'll have to decide on whether or not we want to change his name.

Tunicate posted:

Party 2: GOKU, GOKU, and G0KU,

Party 1: Empty, let the game choke on the glitches.

Sure, glitches sound fun, why not? We put all the Gokus in one party and leave the second one blank. Let's see how the game copes with it--


Oh, goodness.

It seems the game doesn't want to cope at all. In an attempt to make things right, the game has merged all three Gokus into one horrible walking abomination:

As the Tri-Goku struggles to breath, it ambles through the streets of Aveh. People are horrified.

The Tri-Goku, seeking some form of release, steps out into the roadway where it is struck by a car:

And thus its suffering has ended. You have unlocked the Robocron Ending! 22 more to go!

GoatLord posted:

Party 2: GOKU, GOKU, and G0KU,

Party 1: Just ARMS, with no equipment.

We try it again, but this time with ARMS going to the tournament. The game loads properly and we continue on. The main party plows the sand-submarine through Fatima Castle's courtyard:

With the guards stunned, you are able to sneak up to where YMCH's cousin MARG is, but are stopped by two awkward looking goobers and their horrible pet. They chant a little war cry before attack you:

Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

To protect the world from devastation!

To unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

To extend our reach to the stars above!



Team Solaris, blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

That's right!

So, uh, how should we cream these uber-nerds? (and don't forget to name Richter Belmont)