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Part 26: Close Shave, End Of Time [Ending 9 - Game Over]

I'm also a fan of LPers being antagonistic towards each other. Feel my wrath, crow!

Waffleman_ posted:

There's only one thing to do here.

Remember that you have a giant robot and VERTO!

LJN92 posted:

I second the vote for more VERTO!


nine-gear crow posted:

I formally change my vote to VERTO! as well.

and suck it

This is your fault. This is all your fault. This is what you get for denying the thread of Mecha-Shiva:

You attempt to transform into a giant robot, but realize too late that it's a stupid endeavour. In fact, of all the options that could lead to failure, this was a bullet train to self-destruction. In fact, it was almost as if in that moment your body was possessed by a complete idiot, how else could you do something so boneheaded?

Anyways, while you dance about and wave your arms in the air, KRLN shoots you in the head.

You've unlocked the Game Over Ending. This is a standard ending that plays whenever you lose the game after discovering Lavos' existence. Basically, the screen fades out and the words "AND THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE" flash over the screen. That's it, nothing fancy, but I appreciate the effort of behalf of Skaresoft.

Krad posted:

Run at them using YMCH as a human shield and then suplex him into both of them.

YMCH sacrifices himself in the ultimate expression of bro-hood. This is a double-boon, as now you don't have to attend his wedding.

You suplex YMCH's corpse THROUGH KRLN, severing his head. HECK YEAH!

nine-gear crow posted:

Hyperbeam their treacherous asses and abscond with MRGE and the robot through the portal.

Before you can attempt to abscond with MRGE, ARMS shoots her!

(Mecha-Shiva, never forget!)

You decide it's time to peace out, so you and your remaining party members dive through the portal:

For some reason, you don't wind up travelling through time, but get kicked out onto this weird floating platform outside of time. You take a moment to catch you breath then rant about how horrible Planet Xenogears is.

You declare, that if it's the last thing you do, you will destroy Lavos and wipe Planet Xenogears' existence from time itself. You also vow to never return to that terrible place.

Never, ever! Not if you can help it!

Anyways, you look around the platform--

There's like, a half of a bridge, a sparkling bucket, an old man by a lamppost, and a door to nowhere.

What now, crew?!?