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Part 28: The Search For The Wizard, End Of Time

Choco1980 posted:

I refresh my suggestion to drop the bucket off the edge of the platform to see how far down the bottom is.

Chrono Trigger OST - End Of Time

Cool, screw it, let's toss the bucket over the edge.

Yup. It's gone. Whatever that sparkle in the bucket was, it's lost forever.


Huh, imagine that. It looks like there is a bottom to this place, just way, way, way down there. You wonder if there's a way to get down.

And then quickly decide that you don't want to find out what else is down there.

Chrono Trigger OST - Gettin' Pumped

Well, looks like all that's left in this place are the pillars of light you came through. You're not going back to 2300AD without a good reason, and 1000AD is pointless to your quest. You remember what G0KU told you about a power wizard summing Lavos back in 420AD, so that's your obvious goal right now.

However, Spekkio reminds you that only three people can go through. More than that and you'll just get spat back out into the End Of Time. Right. So who do you want to take in your party?

GOKU must go to lead the group, for now, but we can choose from CHCH, G0KU, and UKOG as our two alternate party members.