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Part 29: Age Of Magus, 420AD

I need a break from drawing Robo.

We're gonna take Marle CHCH and Richter UKOG with us.

Anyways, back in 420AD, we find that the Lean military is on a high alert. We stop by the castle to get some recon and have an audience with the Queen.

She is mildly displeased to see that the idiot who stole her dress is still around, but eh. She knows your prowess in combat is to be commended, so she lays it out for you straight: Magus is back, he is attacking humans, and appears to be trying to summon some ultimate force. You can stop him, but you need the Masamune to clear the way. You must find Frog PCLO and get him the Masamune so that he can reveal the route to Magus's Castle.

An interesting proposition, but the quest to get the Masamune is long and dull, requires us to climb mountains, deal with mistaken heros, and a cripplingly depressed PCLO. We actually have a bunch f Masamunes from previous playthroughs:

If we want, we can head straight to Magus's Castle without PCLO.

Or I suppose we could go get him. Or whatever.