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Part 31: Ozzy, Flea, and Slash, 420AD

Zwingley posted:

If they disagree, then challenge them to a rock-off to prove the power of metal.

AJ_Impy posted:

Play the Greatest song in the wo-orld.

Shinjobi posted:

You can do both of these things. Please do.

Krad posted:

The only way.

Sage Grimm posted:

No one knows the Greatest Song in the World, they only know a mere Tribute to it. Nevertheless, it must be played.

Choco1980 posted:

Nthing rocking their balls off

(Especially Flea's)

Geemer posted:

Seduce Flea.

Elfface posted:

With a rock-off.

Aw yeah! You decide to show these geezers how it's done with the power of rock! Queue the METAL!!!

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Waffleman_ posted:

I agree to have a rock-off, but all these fools are forgetting that you need to plug a Guitar Hero controller into slot 2 to do it.

Uh, unfortunately, the guitar hero controller isn't plugged in, so you're basically just screaming into a dead mic. These geezers of rock aren't too impressed. Things don't look good.

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Tunicate posted:

Equip the BAT and fight them with it.

I know everyone does it, but it's my favorite easter egg.

UKOG to the rescue! He's used to dispatching monsters in castles with whatever he finds lying around. This time he utilizes that strange bat that has been following us around since we entered the cave to Magus's Castle but I forgot to mention in the LP for reasons so thank goodness someone reminded me that it was there.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that bat was the real Flea in disguise.

It's not very effective!

But we have managed to trick Ozzy into killing his own compatriot. Without the real Flea to support its magical body, the Fake Flea vanishes. 1 boss down, but we still need to deal with Ozzy and Slash. They look like they are about to use a Dual Tech. How will we respond???!?!