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Part 32: Magus Revealed, 420AD

Oh man, the delays! Don't worry, to make up it, I transfered my save state to a copy of Chrono Trigger on the Dolphin. Now it looks sick!

GorfZaplen posted:

Use your Cell Phone (acquired in New Game+++++) to call your friend Ronnie James Dio to show these jokers how to really rock.

You ring Dio. He says he'll be right there.

Boom, headshot! Look at those incredible graphics! Man, the Dolphin can certainly render those pixels. With Ozzy, Slash, Flea, and Fake-Flea dead, your party is ready to move on. The rest of the castle is a breeze and you soon find yourself confronting Magus. He turns around and starts muttering something about a dark wind, but Richter interrupts him and starts freaking out.

Seriously, Richter is about to blow a gasket. Richter has produced a cross and a Bible, and Magus is about to cast some Dark Magic, presumably to summon Lavos. HOW WILL WE DEFUSE THIS INTENSE SITUATION!