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Part 36: The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, 10,000BC

Shei-kun posted:

Name her SKRT and seduce her with our wiles

Surely this cannot end with GOKU lying broken and battered in a ditch

"Thou flatterth me with thine romantic advances," SKRT says, "butst, it cans't not be. I love another, and I do tell, he hath a far superior fashion sense thanst thou."

It's hard to parse out what she's saying with her prehistoric dialect, but it sounds like she turned you down. Bummer.

Darth TNT posted:

As response we offer her CHCH's clothes.

Kavak posted:

Yeah this, offer her CHCH's clothes anyway.

CHCH glares at you, but no clothes are exchanged. SKRT again insists you join her to drink and party as welcome to her kingdom.

Chrono Trigger OST - Prehistoric World

It's a beautiful walk through a primordial world. SKRT gives an eloquent running commentary of the places you pass, which you can barely understand due to her incomprehensible dialect. Anyways, you arrive at her village and a party is ordered to be had.

Chrono Trigger OST - Prehistoric Rave

The prehistoric people play wild music and serve you beer in the hollowed out shells of gigantic land tortoises. You imbibe much alcohol and you all pass out.

During the night, the village is ransacked by Reptites, prehistoric dinosaur people, who take advantage of your drunken slumber. In a standard New Game, the take your one and only Gate Key. However, it's interesting that the game's flag is programmed to have them take all your keys. So this being New Game +++++++, they take all of our keys. Now we're stranded!

Oh no!

SKRT is quick to identify the Reptites as the problem, and shamed that you were robbed while a guest in her village, she offers to help you retrieve your stolen property. The Reptite tracks are fairly random, but SKRT's keen senses are able to identify their route: they went to the aptly named Reptite Forest.

You can head straight there, if you wish, but there are a few options available to us. If you noticed from the world map, the Dumb Village and Mount Dactyl are available to us as well. We can, if we so choose, stop by either location before heading after the Reptites. However, this mission is time sensitive. If we don't want to chase after them directly, we only have time to visit one other location before the trail goes cold.

What's the plan?