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Part 37: The Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving, 10,000BC

AJ_Impy posted:

Torch their forest. All shall perish for the crimes of the few.

Blind Sally posted:

None of our current characters can cast fire tech. We'd need other GOKU or MAGS. You need to solve for that problem.

Trick Question posted:

GOKU can cast lightning, right? Isn't lightning super hot?

A tiny voice of doubt creeps into your mind. "But maybe burning down an entire forest to get a couple Reptites is a bad thing! We wouldn't want to do a bad thing. Only bad people, do bad things, right?"

With the force of your will, you crush that tiny voice from your mind. Permanently.

You cast Lightning Bolt.

"Forsooth!" cries SKRT, "art thou mad? Thou wouldst burnest downst thy entireth forest!"

But it's too late.

The forest around you has caught fire. SKRT weeps in despair. CHCH, having known you longer, knows better than to question your irrational behaviour, but she looks on disapprovingly.

As the flames burn hotter, you hear screams in the forest. Not just animals screams, but screams of sentient beings. Screams of terror.

"They art dying, GOKU," SKRT cries, "thou arst killingeth them!"

You struggle to comprehend SKRT's odd dialect. You think she's thanking you.

A Reptite, scarred from the flames, crawls out of the smoke and at your feet lays the Gate Keys.

"I arteth Nizbel," it gurgles, "thou hast defeated us. Claimeth thy treasure--"

The creature spasms and dies, but you feel no remorse.

They fucked up when they messed with you. They fucked up badly. There's no coming back from that. No coming back. Events have been set into motion, and you cannot stop them now.

You cannot stop.

You cannot stop.

You cannot stop.

Amongst the charred ruins of the forest, you find a gate with which to use your Gate Keys on. SKRT asks you to politely leave and never return. She makes it known, in no uncertain terms, that you will not be welcome back. Or so CHCH says, you still don't understand what SKRT is saying.


You step into the portal, wondering where it will take you next--but before you step out, you stop by the End Of Time to re-up your party.

Let's see--uh, well, G0KU is available at the End Of Time. We don't talk about GOKU. Uh, and UKOG went to Heaven, or something. And there's no way in hell we're going back to Planet Xenogears. Fuck. Well, I guess we still have PCLO. Yeah! Okay, you can stop by 420AD and pick up PCLO, if you want. He's still around.

So what is it, G0KU or PCLO? We need a third party member before we continue, though.