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Part 39: Uhh..., 420AD

Rigged Death Trap posted:

If he's really PCLO his arm will grow back when you rip it off.
Rip it off.

laplace posted:

Pull his mask off.

Welp, might as try both options. If one doesn't work, surely the other will--

"Hey, what are you doing? Cut it out!" the strangely handsome man in PCLO's clothing says. He struggles, thereby making him seem guilty of something, you're not sure what, but it's probably bad.

You hear a voice call out from within the house. Apparently the ruckus has attracted their attention.

"It's nothing, dearest!" the stranger calls back.

H-hold on a minute--you recognize that voice. You distinctly remember wearing that voice's dress for an absurdly lengthy period of time.

Queen Lean steps through the threshold. She isn't happy to see GOKU. She hasn't forgotten that you stole her dress.

It's at this point you notice something strange has happened to CHCH's hair...