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Part 40: New-ish Allies, 420AD [Ending 23 - War Criminal]

Kemix posted:

Kill them both, consequences be damned

"Yes", you think to yourself, "and why not?"

That GLEN fellow has clearly killed your friend PCLO and taken his clothes. A payment is required.

And Lean--she looks better in that dress than you ever did, or ever will. It's an insult to you.

And you cannot come back from that. You just cannot come back from that.

LEAN and CHCH continue to argue, their voices fading away to a dull drone as a piercing buzz fills your skull.

Thoughts, you have strange thoughts. Dark thoughts.

Before you know it your sword is out, and you're walking towards the group.

They speak to you and motion their arms, but you can't hear anything. You can't hear anything but the screams of the Reptites.

Your vision turns red. Is it blood? Is it fire? In a moment, it's over. In 10 000 years, it's over. Their bodies lie about the clearing. Are they mingled with ashes? You can't tell if they're human anymore, or if they're Reptite.

Congratulations! You've unlocked the War Criminal ending! Your brave band of warriors has fought a crusade against Lavos throughout generations, sometimes doing more than what's necessary to win. Your repeated sins have final caught up with you and you've snapped! Unable to properly function, you live out the remainder of your life in obscurity. Lavos eventually takes over the world and Planet Xenogears is created, contrary to your wishes.

Only 7 more endings to go!

Shinjobi posted:

explain that you are a time traveler who, in fucking around and throughout time, has finally realized that your true calling is conquering all time periods simultaneously. We're talking Black Omen-levels of omnipotence. Recruit both of them to your cause.

I dunno, it could be fun.

You decide to tell GLEN and LEAN the truth. At first they are incredulous, but they eventually begin to understand. LEAN, who was earlier perplexed by CHCH's "grandmother" remark, suddenly comprehends when to talk about time travel. She then chastises CHCH for speaking to her grandmother in such a way. GLEN also chastises CHCH for speaking to her grandmother in such a way. CHCH then tells GLEN to mind his own business, and LEAN chastises CHCH again for speaking to her grandfather in such a way.

You continue on, and begin detailing the various periods of time you've been to. LEAN and GLEN listen on with fascination, which turns to determination as you tell them of Lavos and its danger to the planet.

Emboldened by your rapt audience, you began to lay out your plans to conquer all time periods simultaneously. At this point, CHCH cuts in to stop you.

Ignoring that last bit, GLEN and LEAN are impressed enough to decide to join the fight against Lavos.

Uh, okay, well, we have a party again. We can only take a maximum of 3, though, and GOKU has to be in the party at this point. PLZ VOTE ON TWO OTHER PARTY MEMBERS TO GO THROUGH TIME WITH!!!