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Part 44: Safe Space 3, End Of Time with CJacobs

Choco1980 posted:

You're new party member needs more to him if he's going to be useful. Put the hand on the bloody bones. We're making a new friend piece by piece!

Good idea!

You place the gross bones on the ground, happy they're no longer taking up space in your inventory if that's even a thing I don't know I have no idea. Forming the shape of the hand that they were once contained in, you consider that you probably could've done something funny like make them be in the shape of a dick or something, but that'd be disrespectful to your dead... uh... friend? Is anyone really friends here?

Suddenly, the bones begin to glow! It seems you've accidentally done a fancy summoning ritual! I hope it's not the final boss, because you're like 200% not ready to fight that guy yet! The bones glow and emit a fragrance slightly reminiscent of noxious fumes or maybe talcum powder, radiating with an energy yet unseen in your travels so far!

However, there is a light farting noise as the bones fizzle and sputter and emit smoke that is almost definitely a major nuclear health hazard. Unfortunately you've put the bones in the wrong configuration! It seems like in order to make use of this magical paradoxical resurrecting power contained here at the end of time, you'll have to try other shapes and formations in order to make a new friend.

However, it seems like that will have to wait as CHCH taps you on the shoulder and kindly informs you that you have company. It seems like your ritual actually worked in a weird roundabout way! I REALLY REALLY hope it's not the final boss!

A bright, radiant light shines from behind the figure, towering and ominous and emitting an angry screech. The light shafts look very pretty and realistic especially for N64 graphics (I think Chron Trag was on the N64? Maybe Gamecube or NES or something who fuckin knows). Sprites fly to and fro as a heavenly angelic choir rings out complete with like 6 pipe organs and several angry sounding stringy violins.

Oh god, I think this is it.



Uh. Who's this douchebag?