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Part 46: Plz (please) Help Me, 5000BC [Ending 24 - The Overlook Ending]

Bregor posted:


Then go back to the snowstorm and play the snowboard mini-game with CLOD.

You select a viable party and return to the snow fields. However, rather than check out that odd building in the corner, you decide to strike up a conversation with CLOD. He offers to race you in a friendly game of snowboarding. Never one to back out of a challenge, you accept!

Problem: CLOD is much much better at snowboarding than you are. Much, much better.

Chron Trag OST - Mt. Woe

You are absolutely humiliated by CLOD. CHCH and FOOD make fun of you. Your position as leader is in jeopardy. You challenge CLOD to a duel to restore your honour. He laughs at you and flees.

"Meet me in the center of the Mountain Hedge Maze!" he shouts, "if you can find me, you may have your duel!"

A chase, is it? Heh, you'll give him a chase. Then you'll cut him into tiny pieces and restore your honour. Night descends on the mountain, as CLOD enters the maze.

Crono Tragg OST - The Maze

That son of a bitch. That little bastard. How dare he. You'll show him. You grab yourself an axe that was lying conveniently nearby. Somehow it feels more appropriate to destroy CLOD with it than with your katana. You plunge into the maze. CLOD's footprints are clearly visible in the snow. You'll catch that fucking MUTANT freak in no (0) time at all.

Only you can't find him. You follow and keep following. Then suddenly the tracks stop, yet there is no CLOD to be found. HOW. HOW CAN THIS BE. HE can't (can not) simply disappear!!!

You have the Penis of an Orca [Orcinus Orca] as part of your taxidermy collection; but the Orca is not a Whale; it is a Toothed Whale [paradoxically, Toothed Whales are Dolphins] so it is not pertinent [relevant to this search for CLOD].

Whales have baleen because they eat Krill. Dolphins have teeth because they eat Fish and Cephalopods. A marine Mammal with baleen is a Whale; a marine Mammal with teeth is a Dolphin; unless it has four [4] legs; in this case it is a Pinniped (a Sea Lion if it has ears; a Seal if it does not). This is assuming that a Specimen has no fur; if it has fur then it may be one of any number of things; such as an Otter; or a retriever Dog.

But I am not here to discuss baleen and teeth; I am here to discover facts about Sexual Intercourse via the Anus.

Congratulations on unlocking the Overlook Hotel Hedge Maze Ending! 24 down, only 6 more endings to go!

Is it at all possible to delay going to the next major plot point even further? Will the thread finally vote to check out that strange building in the distance?

You decide!