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Part 48: The Kingdom Formerly Known As Zeal, 5000BC

Kavak posted:

Do whatever and get railroaded to Zeal. It'll be part of the "Angry GM" ending.

Cron Trag OST - Corridors Of Time

Ah, fuck it, let's go to Zeal.

You enter the weird building and find a teleporter that sends you to the skies:

Cron Trag OST - Corridors Of Time II

Whoa, what is this wondrous new place? F-floating islands!? It's miraculous! Far away you see strange sights: a castle perched on top of the mountains, a beautiful city in its shade, a lame looking robot--your current surroundings are burning ruins. It's a star contrast to say the least.

You look around.

Yup, pretty sweet. Not far away you spot an old man crushed under some debris. You figure it's a good idea to talk to this NPC to get some info about the place--

Cron Trag OST - Corridors Of Time III

"Hello, there, welcome to the Kingdom Formerly Known As Zeal", he says, "we've recently experience a hostile from another dimension--something about a convergence?"


"Why, yes, I believe that's what I said," the old man says, "the new Queen is currently in the process of having the place renamed. She now dwells in the palace, having harnessed some sort of magic power. Be careful, if you go that way. She has a powerful idiot with a robot suit on her side. Heck, you can see the robot from here."

With that, the man breathes his last and dies.