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Part 51: Lavos Trigger, 5000BC

Waffleman_ posted:

Fuck what the game says, kick logic to the curb!

Do the impossible

See the invisible

Row row skip the boss fight

YES! Let's do this! Let's actually kick it with logic!

You kick the game cartridge, tilting it, and allowing you to some how execute some sweet Game Genie-esque hacks:

Just as Dalton's Shitty Golem Boss is about to unleash its Belch attack, the game crashes--

And skips you past the entirety of Enhasa and the Kingdom of Balandor nee Zeal!

The game recovers and you find yourself standing in the throneroom of Balandor nee Zeal, before the dread Queen Cisna, and her stolen Mammon Machine. She seems to be reading you something--

"--and thus I have enumerated your crimes against Balandor and myself, her most extravagant Queen Cisna, in a list (because I like lists):
a damn fine list, if I do say so myself," she says, finishing her big dumb list, "what remains to be seen is your sentence. Hmm, let's see. Oh, yes, the punishment for all those crimes is death!"

You ask if you can appeal the sentence or file for a mistrial.

"Hahaha!" Cisna laughs, "you fool! I am going to destroy you using this weird Mammon Machine and the Lavos within!"

Cisna climbs into her Blood Raven Dreadnought and you enter battle.

Chrono Trigger OST - Cisna and Lavos

Well, crud! You sure skipped a whole lotta content! You hope you can figure out what the heck is going on--it looks like you got a boss fight--AGAINST LAVOS!!! Daaayum! Could it be? The final boss fight?

What do we do, fellow Cron Traggers?