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Part 52: That'll do, 5000BC [Ending 25 - The Super Secret Meta Ending]

Regalingualius posted:

>Have your party members each grab a flap of Lavos' mouth and pull them as wide apart as possible

>Shimmy a ring onto the left flap for... Reasons.

>Stand in awe-struck horror at your work

No. NO. Why is this happening. This has got to stop. You have got to stop.

Rather Watch Them posted:

Since this is the end-game on NG+++++++, you gotta have Luminaire by now. Or as Koop put it:

C. Everett Koop" post="448881433 posted:

Before anything else, rip the biggest fart possible.

Yeah, that's the spirit, soldier! Let's finish this off and go home.

You blast Lavos to bits with Luminaire, and Princess/Queen Cisna escapes. Ah well, the Xenogears future has been averted for sure. As Lavos disintegrates around you, something strange happens. The world suddenly disappears and you find yourself standing in a blank void. You find yourself falling, faster and faster, towards some inexorable destination.

During your fall you lose track of FOOD and CHCH. You're on your own!

You land at the bottom, a little worse for wear, but otherwise okay. You look around:

Whoa, where the fuck are you? Is this? Could it be? Have you unlocked the super secret Meta Ending???? Well, you guess you better look around. You find the LP Subforum visually represented as a house within the blank void and read a note left at the door:

Hmm, well, okay, then. Let's talk to a couple posters.

Weird. This is weird. Reading posts without context is weird.

Ahh, you seem to be nearing the OP. I guess you can meet your creator. See what they have to say. You hope it's profound: