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Part 14

Chapter 2: ???
Part 1

Yes. The chancellor can't, but I may still kill you.

I hate you.

Maybe it's THE FUTURE?

Let's get the hell moving. The sooner I get rid of you bitches, the better.

That's great.

This place sucks.

To the south is Trann Dome. For the most part, it's boring and there's nothing worthwhile. There's a merchant that sells new armor and a gun for Velma, that's pretty much it.

Oh, and the Enertron.


Aside from that old dude's chicken that _____ stole, no one else has eaten.

Anyway, north of our starting dome is...

Welcome to Lab 16.

Someone in Trann Dome mentions that enemies don't react to swords and guns.

They're wrong.

In actuality, it's basically a poorly-worded warning that the enemies in Lab 16 are stronger than what you've faced thus far. Not by much.

These little volcano mound things?

Fire Whirl cleans them up.

As for these shadow guys? Straight physical attacks don't work.

Slash and Flame Shot are your best bets.

Chunky monkey over here is, I guess, the fiercest enemy here. He boasts 300 HP and decently high defense, and doesn't really have any weaknesses. He also steals HP, though he never takes more than 20.

You encounter two of them.

This Gay Wave is ____ and Mark's first double tech, Aura Whirl. It's a mass heal, which is incredibly useful at this level.

We have penetrated Lab 16! Hooray!

That dome we're going to, the big one, is Arris Dome. Currently, it's the focal point of... wherever we are.

It's a dump.

I would like to go home now.

From the street, homes.


Mashing Attack? Uh, yeah, pretty much.

All of the people here say moderately interesting to completely worthless things about the situation. In particular, they mention an old factory to the east called Proto Dome, which is blocked off because of a bunch of "lunatic robots". They also mention the continent to the south, which hosts "Death Peak", is reachable via the sewer system. Additionally, there's an old man living in a dome near Death Peak. Talk about crackpots!

Lastly, someone mentions that their husband went down deeper into the dome to try and locate some food, but he hasn't returned.

I'm pretty sure robots are weak to blades. We'll go find out for you.

Maybe if you wore comparatively bright clothing like we did, you'd survive longer.

No, we don't.

Last I checked, we didn't have any incentive for doing this. I hate you women.