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Part 16

Chapter 2: The future, still, maybe
Part 3

The right side! Filled with moving spooky rats and machines.

They die pretty easily.

We head north, and through a couple of random bugs...

These guys... aren't any tougher than the other robots. They hum, though. That's about it.

Now, look closely, and you can see two routes. If I take the upper route, I avoid most enemies and I can get through the room much quicker. If I go to the right, I kinda have to fight my way through.

I went to the right and slaughtered everything.

The same password from before (L+R+A) works on this console.

It is, however, entirely useless, as we still cannot open these doors.

Head back a little and take the upper path to the other door, which leads us to...

What? No, I'm pretty sure time travel is a new thing.

Oh, that's right. Carmen Sandiego beat us to it.

That little thing off to the right, we're going there next SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT GOD DAMN IT

Also I've played up to three updates in advance, I did the sewers before you even mentioned it. I just hadn't gotten to it, yet.

Beyond the city ruins...

This is our mission objective.

Yeah, Velma's a pretty decent chick when she doesn't talk to other people.


"Um, no, I meant this button."

At the very least, we can infer that we're farther in the future than 1999 A.D.

So this is what the world looked like before shit hit the fan.

This is what the world looked like while the shit hit the fan.

"You know, I think I'd rather go back to jail."

That sprite means that _____ is about to get dragged into something else.

Let the record show that it was not by choice.

At least it wasn't destiny. I'm so sick of destiny.

I said no, because this is a really stupid idea.

I will say this only once, because normally, I hate this phrase.


Not quite!