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Part 20

Turns out I uploaded the video wrong four times in a row. Oops!

Chapter 2: 2300 A.D.
Part 7

Time to get the fuck out of here!


He's the only character I don't want crushed. Come on, Frank, pull through this!

Both the frog and the robot breakdance. Awesome.

And here's the other cool sprite that Frank has. His steam venting sprite.

Unfortunately, by activating the generator, apparently it shuts off the elevator, so we're forced to take the ladder.

On our way out...

My sprite-stealing palette-swapped friends!

"Boy did I go on a wacky adventure with these here humans!"

"Let me tell you about it. First, it started with--"

"Ow! What the?!"

The red taint of communism!

Wait, no, he's my robot.


Hey, stop fucking with my robot!


The intruders are dealt with. / Backup

As you can see, my skills are a little rusty.

This is exactly what I wanted to do today.

One can only hope that Mark died after opening the door. After all, the Enertron leaves you hungry.

I can't imagine why, what with you supposed to KILL ANYONE THAT GETS NEAR.

The screen fades to black, which means an indeterminate amount of time has passed...

I approve of this idea.

Yes ma'am!

Velma is much more enthusiastic about this than anyone else.

Electricty? What's going on? Velma, what the hell?

Velma! What the hell, come on!