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Part 22

Chapter 3: 1000 A.D.
Part 2

Unfortunately, only a short update today. A friend of mine is getting married this coming weekend, and it's at my house, so I only have time for small updates this week. Larger ones will resume on Monday.

Our scene begins in a tranquil house.

The inhabitants are enjoying some pie, when disaster strikes.

Time-travelling home invaders.

A reasonable request, actually.

Oh, thanks, guys. By the way, I killed like sixty of you blue guys about four hundred years ago. No hard feelings?

Radical, forward thinkers, these imps.

Medina Village!

This is the center of town. They dance around the statue and chant. It's weird.

Checkin' out a couple of the other houses...


That's right! Now, let's take a look...


One thing I forgot to screencap is a little blue pyramid north of the village. There's nothing to do there at the moment.

So we move on to the "old man's" house.

It's old man Melchoir!

You got that right!

He sells a very nice sword for _____ called the Red Katana that helps a HELL of a lot in the coming dungeon.

I've been to a past rought with war, I've been to a future rought with destruction. What ELSE can you throw at me?