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Part 24

Okay, not so big. There won't be another update until Monday, when I can promise it'll be quite large.

Chapter 3: 1000 A.D.
Part 3

Last we left off, we were exploring the Mystic's Cave...

Every enemy in here pretty much has to be defeated by magic. The inconvenience is offset by a large amount of Ethers in treasure chests here. Think of it as a crash course in using magic. Not that there's much training needed.

Every enemy.

See this? This is me not listening to my own advice.

Every. Enemy.

Same crest as the doors. Still can't open these.

Neat dungeon, but short and not all that exciting to look at.

Hell, we've already gone almost entirely through it.

But! There is an enemy to fell!

Slightly exciting boss fight with Heckran. This is a lie.

You're seriously volunteering to leave our time? No, fuck you!

Robots don't float.

Oh well.

What in the...

How convenient!

There's two things, one of them neat and important, the other one silly. The important one is going to the market, where, lo and behold, that dude, Fritz, from the jail is. He thanks you profusely, and then crams ten Mid-Ethers into your face. I didn't screenshot it because I'm an asshole.

But I did screenshot this.

I'll be sure to give you plenty of advanced warning next time I decide to become a fugitive.

Even MORE importantly...

Unless forced, we are never going there.

And also...


I can't believe we're doing this.

Fuck you, Velma. Fuck you sideways.