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Part 28

Chapter 4: 65,000,000 B.C.
Part 1

Given her lack of clothing, this is a good thing.

This was a brilliant choice.

Don't think too hard, now.

I love this woman.

Woo! Party!

Oh, you buzzkill.

There you go. PARTY.

Now, we're off to Ioka Village!

And new enemies! They don't have any particular weakness, hit like a brick, and have a lot of HP. These fellas are a little bit weaker to magic than they are physical attacks.

Nice and prehistoricy.

Music of yesteryear.

Anyway, we trapse into the village (which are separate huts on the world map) and go to the chief's tent.


The party mostly consists of talking to your party and ?!?!? back and forth.

There is this man, who needs to take the emo stick out of his ass.

?!?!? also mentions..

In short, Laruba is a bunch of cowardly fucks, and ?!?!? seems to be the only capable fighter in all of ancient history.

Sure, I'll fight you. After all, I have magic.


Due to my superior button-mashing skills, _____ ends up drinking about six times as much as ?!?!?.


Good party. Gooood party.

So why did you pass out?

Perfect ladies don't say tummy.

In any case, we've won some Dreamstone, time to get back to our original mission: kicking Magus' ass!