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Part 29

Chapter 4: 65,000,000 B.C.
Part 2

That's a fantastic leap of logic. Do only criminals leave prints in dirt? If so, I may be finishing this LP in jail.

Wait. Uh... no, I'm... nevermind, let's move on.

If she stole it, I don't think we're getting it back.

I'm not sure the normal rules of the world apply here, Velma. Namely, I think the "finder's keepers" rule is quite prevalent here in the ancient world.

Just trust me on this one. For the rest of this update, replace "Reptites" with "those (racial slur)". Instant bigotry.

It's here we're now forced to have _____ and ?!?!?, which no one should have a problem with, as ancient history women are notoriously sexy and feisty.

So, who should we take?

Oh, fuck you guys, you'll probably choose Mark just to piss me off.

I'm bringing my goddamn robot with me.

Okay, now, there's one thing to do before we go.

Yessir, we can get some good items from here. I did some farmin' for these items, and these are the results.

Sage Bow, Ruby Gun, Stone Arm, Flint Edge, 4 Rock Helms. Yep, new, powerful weapons for everyone.

?!?!?... has to be the most awkward and hilarious bunch of pronunciation in the entire world.

Awww, love is timeless.

So is spousal abuse, as ?!?!? then beats the shit out of Kino (she only hits him).

Emo is also timeless.

She just likes _____ bester.



Those chinks!

Constipation or Super Saiyan sprite?

Then you better not die, because everyone in your village except for you is old or dumb.

This little stretch of jungle has unnecessary footprints everywhere intended to guide us where our little friends went. Why do I say unnecessary? Because you can't get lost here. There's one path to take, with the occasional treasure chest off to the side. However, it is nice for atmosphere.

It's also a really nice looking area.

And here we are.

And here's an optional puzzle.

You can fall down this hole...

And go down here.

Which I did. The treasure isn't THAT great over there.

At the bottom, there's a bunch of those spicks.

We kill them all.

One last gauntlet, also cleared out with ease.

I'm so scared.

We wear clothes?

Fuck you.

Bring it.


Let's tango, big boy.

Nizbel Fight
Daily Motion link / Backup
Google Video link (coming eventually)

No, you don't.

Not really.

Frank does the only logical thing to check the gate key, and smashes it into his head.

Why didn't you just kill him?


Now we can go back.