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Part 3

Introduction: Part 3

Jinkies, we better go check it out!

I hate myself.

Something is wrong with the cat.


Welcome to the world map.

This is _____'s house.

This is Velma's house.

It's a pig sty.

LARA has crunchy legs. This will actually mean something later.

Enough of this! Off to the faire!

Welcome to the faire!


Oh, whew. They're racing.

A tad deeper into the square...

Melchior is a cool name.

I'm not crazy enough to grind for 4000G.

The pedophilic connotations are incredible.

All right, this is boring...


I wonder what's up here...


I can't time screenshots for the life of me.

In this day and age, no. Because now I can sue you.

This woman has no peripheral vision.

Being the gawky teenager that he is, _____ nabs the pendant in hopes of possibly getting in this girl's pants.

Saying no results in Dark Side points. No it doesn't.

Saying Sorry results in a game over. No it doesn't.

"Yes. Yes I am. Can I touch you yet?"

This girl also has a name.

Her name is not TONGS.