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Part 30

Chapter 4: 1000 A.D. and 600 A.D.
Part 3

Now that we have all of the pieces, we can return to Melchior and get ourselves a fancy new sword.

And we'll go get drunk.

Thank you, Frank, Mr. Tolerance Robot.

The workshop.

Aw shit, this is gettin' crazy.

That would be the PURE AWESOME coming off of it.

To 600 A.D.!

They make you fight these guys every single time.

It gives Frank and _____ an opportunity to try out the silliest move ever.

Square Table.

NPC battles are kinda lame.

Wait. That was Guardia Forest. That isn't far at all. What the hell?

You need to grind some more levels.

Talk about salt on the wound.

Screw you, I work for Mel Brooks!

The lightning of Magus then strikes hard and swift.

Side effects include: tripping out

Hmph. Jerkwad.

Yeah! Robots are awesome!


We're on our way! To where? To here!

... touch me.

So soft... and delicious...


Let's go kick some ass.