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Part 31

Chapter 4: 600 A.D.
Part 5

The dungeon before the dungeon. This place serves two purposes.

First of all, Toad reminds us to get him some magic, so I make the trek back to the End of Time and get him some water magic...

There we go.


I forget this note the moment I step out of the cave.

Welcome to, in my opinion, one of the best dungeons in gaming.

Welcome to Magus' Castle.

Nothing so far. Two doors, one on the left, one on the right.

The left side

has random people

and a dead end.

The right side

has characters I don't use


and a dead end.

Wait a second.

They're both dead ends.

I guess I'll just save at this new save point and check Gamefaqs...


Magus' Castle again, this time, it's for real.

A little double tech action clears that right up.

Back down the left path...

All of those sweet little kids are replaced with monsters.

We kill them.



But, dead people can't sing?

That sounds like a non-committal declaration of battle!

Slash Fight Mk.1
Daily Motion link / Backup
Google Video link / Backup

Sweet, a new sword.

Now we head down the right path again...

Oh so very yes.

Sigh. Kids these days. Little monsters.

Why yes, that is F


You know that bat that's been following us everywhere?


What the...?! This is getting kinda hot.... uh... nevermind.

Flea has some great sprites.


Flea Fight Mk.1
Daily Motion link / Backup
Google Video link / Backup

I hope everything explodes in Magus' Castle.

With two of the generals defeated, we're allowed to move on...

Whereupon we run through a gauntlet of enemies.

To which I unload my new Lightning 2 spell on.

Ozzie then calls for his two generals...

Wuh oh!

The exciting conclusion to this epic dungeon coming later today!