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Part 34

Chapter 6: 65,000,000 B.C.
Part 1

Last time, we had just been thrust into the past via Lavos' summoning. The party awoke in 65,000,000 B.C., and began their assault on Tyran Castle, the stronghold of the reptites.

These're special reptites. They're purple instead of green. They still die.

We free the captives of the useless purple-hair village...

And snag the goodies in their cage. Why are they carrying clubs if they're pacifists?

We continue down to the second level....


Falcon Hit is one of the coolest-looking moves in the game. You'll see it in motion during a coming boss battle.

How does climbing into jail help?

See? Frank sees the flaw in this line of logic. Robots are cool.

Pre-historic she-hulks are cool, too.

Kino then insists on going with the party, only to be shot down by ?!?!?, who tells him that he has to lead the village if ?!?!? dies. Kino resigns himself to being a giant walking vagina, and helps by leading us somewhere.

And now we can continue with the dungeon.

That button there opens up a hole and drops the enemies down, letting you get by no trouble.

Or you can kill them like the badass you are.

We take a walk around...

Tyran Castle is an extraordinarily cool dungeon.

It's hard to express in pictures,

But it really does feel like a castle.

Thanks, dude.

I'm pretty sure I kicked his ass somewhere else.

Nizbel II Fight
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